Monday, February 6, 2023


Sunday, February 5, 2023


Garage Gym

Warm Up

I started by re-arranging the gym and mixed in hip hammy flow and crossover symmetry


Scales - front/rear left/right about 30 seconds
L-sit - 4x max effort tucked (~8 seconds)
Inversions - 4 reps to 3 abmat, 2x1 rep to 1 abmat
Plank - 90 second hold on elbows


Station 1 - 15 double unders
Station 2 - 6 single arm Kettlebell Swing (35# 3/3)
Station 3 - 2 pull-ups
Station 4 - 12 alternating lunges

This was a nice flow and I was able to do the double unders unbroken until the last set.  KBS were mostly to focus on technique and not hitting my wrist.  I should have upped the reps.

Arm Finisher

3x8 standing ez curls (42#; barbell plus 10 pound plates)

The space is certainly more functional and the dead space near the walls is better occupied and there is more open space as well.  I will continue to move dumbbells around and need to organize my powerlifting space in the basement.  It is complete chaos.  I may bring one of the plate trees up to the garage and move the J-boxes downstairs.

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