Tuesday, February 21, 2023

York 9 pound Roundheads

I contacted Ray Rocho 57 minutes after listing and the sale was pending.  I actually lost sleep over this one.  He wanted $75 for everything including a straight bar and curl bar and a few plates.  York dumbbells rarely show up on the front range and typically sell quickly.  I would have gladly paid $90 for the 9 pound dumbbells and might be willing to go as high as $135 if the new owner decides to flip them.  I will be keeping an eye on Ebay, Facebook Marketplace and Craigslist.  Michael Lee picked these up and knows exactly what he has.  No chance of seeing the 9 pound York roundheads on a flip.  I saw the listing for the balance on Craigslist ($140 for 130 pounds of weights).  Very nice pick up and flip.  They are still out there.  

6 pound Roundheads have been available for $120 on Vintage Weightlifting Swap ($10/pound)
9 pound Roundheads are listing and selling on Ebay for $400 ($20/pound)
12 pound Roundheads are listing and selling on Ebay for $180 ($15/pound)
Most others are $1.50 to $2.00 per pound

There is still a lot of vintage stuff I am looking for.  I would love a pair or even a single globe dumbbell.  Zuvers, Jackson and York Deep Dish plates have continued to elude me.

York Deep Dish Plates sell for $1000 for a pair of 45s ($11/pound)

I am still fairly pleased with myself to even have seen the listing.  Another half hour and I would have been peacefully oblivious to missing out.

I have been scooped on quite a few listings lately, including a set of milled York plates with barbell at $1/pound.  I think Brian Tetreault grabbed these as he is selling a mismatched set for $500 that seems to be a combination of stuff he already had mixed with the new stuff.

And a Marcy 35 pound Los Angeles plate

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