Wednesday, February 22, 2023

Grip Training Accessories

I have done a pretty nice job of accumulating some grip training implements.  My humble beginnings were the Captains of Crush grip trainers in 2019.  Then I came across a York blob that I was willing to pay $2/pound for.

About a year later, I came across some Ironmind equipment on Craigslist followed by Rogue Cannonball and Grandfather Clock grips.

The past few months have been over the top as I wanted to train for the 2023 King Kong Grip Contest which featured Otevoima Kuula, Ironmind 6" Block, FBBC Crusher and FBBC Jug.  That little escapade set me back $270 and I ended up with a Finnish trainer from Arm Assassins Strength Shop.

There are a lot of suppliers of grip implements including, but certainly not limited to:
  • Rogue Fitness
  • IronMind
  • Arm Assassins
  • Otevoima
  • Fat Bastard Barbell Company
  • Grip Genie
  • Gods of Grip
  • Surplus Strength
With that said, unless you are training for competition, you do not need any particular implement to develop a strong grip.

As I have started training for King Kong, I am getting tired of swapping out the weights and the pins.  The issue is my relative strength:
  • IronMind Block - 12.5 pounds
  • Finnish Ball - 17.5 pounds (2022 King Kong winner 104#)
  • Crusher - 75 pounds (2022 King Kong winner 253#)
  • Jug - 60 pounds
It may seem trivial, but I want to get some more carabiners and loading pins.  Carabiners are $3-$4 each depending on size.  I would want a minimum of 3 inch and a maximum of 4 inch.  One can pay $9-$12 for them as well.  Some of the larger ones will not be compatible with small loading pins.

Loading pins are designed for 1 inch plates (standard) or 2 inch plates (Olympic).  They are fairly inexpensive with prices from $20 to $40 for most.  The length is variable from 12" to 24". My current loading pin is 12 inches and designed for Olympic plates.  The Finnish Ball is usually contested with a rigid connection.

Arm Assassins Strength Shop Wish List:

Loading Pin - Grabhold - $25 - 15" Olympic with ability to do rigid connections
Loading Pin - 12 Inch Olympic $25
Vertical Bar - 1" Olympic - $25
Banner - $25
Carabiner - 3" - $3.50
Carabiner - 3.5" - $4.00
Carabiner - 4" - $5.00
Napalm Handles 2-3/8" single - $18

These guys have the most reasonable prices and fast shipping.

Fat Bastard Barbell Company

I like the innovation of Fat Bastard Barbell Company and think I should just suck it up and pay the higher prices and wait for my stuff to arrive.

Contest Loading Pin - $40
Omni Loading Pin - $45

Specific to King Kong Grip Contest

Otevoima Finnish Ball - 35 Euros
Otevoima Anchor - 20 Euros
ship to European address?
ship to US - 45 Euros


LFG loading pin with carabiner - $23.99 (Olympic) or $15.99 (Standard)

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