Sunday, February 26, 2023

Pikes Peak Scottish Athletes

It was fun to meet Coach, Joe, Dustin, Dan and Sam at Thorndale Park for some practice.  

We started with Braemar then Open Stone.

Then we went for weight for distance.  They had a 56, 42 and 28# weights.

Then we did hammer throw.  They had a 16# and 22# hammer.

Next weight over bar and they only had a 42# and 35#.  This was really tough for me.

Finally they wrapped up with sheave toss.  I still cannot get the hang of this.

The ground was too hard to play with cabers.  I do not think they brought one.

I would still like to build my own adjustable weight for distance with iron pipe, standard weight plates, chain, shackles and D ring handle.  Although it seems pretty easy to put together, I am looking at As much of a pain as it seems, I may go with I will have an optional ring to use it for weight over bar.  I would also like to buy a hammer (probably from Black Sheaf).

1/4 " Chain $3.02/ft

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