Monday, February 6, 2023

Bandbell - Oscillating Kinetic Energy

My latest equipment obsession is a Bandbell bar.  I have only trained with one a few times, but I was very impressed with the implement as a prehab/rehab tool.  My original goal was shoulder strength and I used it for bench press, overhead press and front rack walking lunges.

Bandbell has several models from the:

Original Bamboo Bar - slots instead of band wraps
Earthquake bar - wraps (80" long)
E-Maxx (86.5" long, protective sleeve at rack locations)
RhinoFlex Bar
RhinoFlex HD Bar

My debate is down to the Earthquake ($289) or the E-Maxx ($339).  I would actually prefer shorter and am not too worried about the protective wraps.

Bandbell also sells Anchor Loader ($95), Strap-n-Hook ($35), Bands ($20/pair) and BandLocks ($20).

I do not feel like I need the rigid straps and am really focused on band work.  

I would be looking at $309 for the Earthquake Bar and a pair of bands.  I could certainly get bands anywhere, but these are cool.

Alternate products include a homemade PVC alternative ($20ish), Rocko Barbell from Dutch & Co ($190), The Yoak ($300).

Bandbell products have been endorsed by Mark Bell, EliteFTS and a source I trust,  They were originally developed by Westside Barbell founding member Jim Seitzer.  While $300 seems ridiculous for some fiberglass, they do maintain good resale value and if resale were a primary concern, I would opt for the E-Maxx.  I should still probably pony up the additional $50.

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