Monday, May 16, 2022

Kang Squat - and other interesting names

Described by Coach Don McCauley in his 2010 book Power Trip page 178 ($17.95 on Amazon).

"I call this the 'Kang Squat' because my friend Shin-ho Kang, former head weightlifting coach of the Korean national and Olympic team first showed it to me.  Maybe it has another name but I never saw or heard of it before he demonstrated for me."

Kang was highly influential on Team Savannah during the early 2000's

Anderson/Cohen Weightlifting Center is the home of Team Savannah, one of the largest Olympic Weightlifting Team in the United States.  Name after Howard Cohen and Paul Anderson.

Cuban Press - Popularized by Charles Poliquin (and has nothing to do with Cuba).

Romanian Deadlift - In 1990 Jim Schmitz, US Olympic Weightlifting Coach was in his Sports Palace gym in San Francisco attending a clinic.  Romania weightlifter Nicu Vlad and his coach Dragomir Cioroslan were holding the clinic.

Jefferson Curl - Developed by Team USA Gymnastics' Coach Sommer

Bulgarian Split Squat - Assistant Coach of the Bulgarian Weightlifting National Team Angel Spassov toured the US in the 1980s.  Never used by the Bulgarian Weightlifting team, but promoted by Angel Spassov for unknown reasons.

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