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Friday, May 20, 2022

Apex Crossfit - Gym Liquidation

Apex Crossfit is liquidating the gym.  They obviously have a tone of equipment and the prices are fair, but by no means a bargain.  Overall a good mix of commercial equipment from Concept2, Rogue, Rep, Titan and other retailers.

Rep Colored bumpers

55# pair - $200 (current retail $310)
45# pair - $170 (current retail $240)
25# pair - $110 (current retail $140)

about 66% of current retail, but more expensive then they were a couple of years ago.

Rogue chalk stand with wheels for $170 (retail is $245 + tax and shipping)

Point One Sandbags

50# - $50
75# - $55
100# - $60 (retails for $85 without sand)
125# - $65
150# - $70
175# - $75
200# - $80

Nothing really caught my eye.  I considered a 100# sandbag, but would be in the mood to pay around $40.  I do not need any more bumpers (but they are a good benchmark for overall pricing).  The chalk stand would be so choice and I may inquire.

Being offered by Austin Rowe.  Everything must go by 6/13 and pick-up on weekends or appointment basis.

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