Monday, May 23, 2022

Rogue S-1 Bench and Squat Rack

Listed for $400 in Broomfield, Tammy Castenada Schauer is listing this Rogue Squat Rack and Bench.  She has screen grabs of a 2.0 Flat Utility Bench and an SM-1 Monster Squat Stand, but this looks more like a an S-1 Squat Stand (current retail $395), but it does have the spotter arms (current retail $155).  The bench could retail $210.  Total retail $760 with shipping, a retail buyer would be looking at $938.  I really do not need this hardware, but it feels like a good deal.

This sold within 2 days.  Hopefully it found a good home.

I would still like to find a premium squat rack/squat stands and feel like I should be able to find something in the $250 price range.

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