Wednesday, May 4, 2022

Deadlift - HSPU negatives - Metcon

Wednesday, May 4, 2022

CFG - Lucas

1200 - 11 of us

Warm Up

short run/row
hamstring sweeps
single leg glute bridge
wall slides
wall climbs
thread the needle

with barbell

single leg rdl


Four sets of:
Deadlift (6 reps @ 21X1)
(remove hands from bar to reset each deadlift)
Rest 30 seconds
Strict Handstand Push-Up (12 reps (consecutive or accumulated))
Rest 30 Seconds

Deadlifts felt good.  I used 215# for straight sets.
I substituted 3 negatives for 12 HSPU and kept really good slow controlled form


In teams of two, partners alternate rounds to complete five each of:
5 Hang Power Cleans (155/105 lbs)
100 Meter Run

I partnered with Synthya and used 95# for the HPC.  I actually felt more comfortable than usual cycling the bar and we both rowed.  We finished in 7:55 and were pretty evenly matched.


3x8x90# reverse hyper
3x5 banded glute ham raise (better range of motion today)

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