Thursday, February 18, 2021

York Blobs

Another Craigslist item to discuss.  York Blobs!  These are grip tools and the gentleman in question is offering

1/2 50# = 24.0# for $55
1/2 65# = 31.1# for $70
1/2 75# = 36.8# for $90
Set of 3 for $200 (a whopping savings of $15).

I like grip training tools, but do not need these.  Nor do I have any context of what weights are appropriate for me.

Finally, I have little cost perspective.  $2.25 to $2.50 per pound seems a little steep.  I think I could make it work at $0.75 per pound or $18, $23 and $28.  The set for $65, but I really do not like lowballing people.  It has been up for 4 days and located right in Arvada.

This offering led me down a rat hole of looking into the USAWA - United States All-Around Weightlifting Association.  They hold postal meets and are keeping alive the memory of old school strongmen.

King Kong Grip Contest - October 30th, 2021 - Steve Millard October 30, 2021, Carbondale, CO (4 hours away)

At the end of this rat hole, I found some listings on ebay where these things are going for $4 per pound which is absolutely outrageous.  If the seller replies, I will test them all out and probably make an offer around $50 for the 24#, $60 for the 31# and $70 for the 36.8#, $150 for all three.

I do really enjoy vintage and unique items.  Worst case scenario, I have a paper weight and conversation starter.

UPDATE:  I met Jay (a competitive grip athlete who just needed to downsize a bit) to take a look at the blobs and they were as cool as advertised.  I could pick up the half 50#, a stretch goal would be the half 65# and the half 75# was an absolute no go.  They were in good shape and the owner confirmed that the half 65# was a first generation without the USA stamp.  I offered a $100 for the half 50# and half 65# but he was not interested.  After a little more conversation, I did come home with the half 50# for $50 which is certainly fair, but more than I wanted to spend.  I was playing with it while watching television and could barely get it off the ground.

Staying on topic of weird implements, notice the Highland games weight for height 56# at the bottom of the picture.  This bad boy is being offered for $70 by John Morris in Fort Collins, Colorado.  The listing is 15 weeks old so all of this stuff may be gone.  90# stone $50; 140# stone $70; sand filled keg 140#, $60.

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