Thursday, February 11, 2021

2021 Crossfit Open

Without much fanfare, I signed up for the 2021 Crossfit Open.  Some things change, some things stay the same.

The price is still $20, which is a fair price to benchmark yourself against athletes worldwide.

The Open is only (3) weeks long.  I will be unaffiliated this year.  I will be in the 50-54 age category.  Three weeks is actually pretty good, because I have tended to be wiped out the last couple of weeks of the open.

The Open will have Rx, Scaled, Foundations and No Equipment options.  Rx and Scaled are typically the same workouts for ages 16-54.  If I want to do the workouts Rx, I will have to be prepared to play with the big boys.  As long as I can get 1 Rx rep, I will turn in Rx scores.  However, I will plan on doing scaled workouts as well if necessary to get a good fitness benchmark.

For equipped workouts (Rx or Scaled) - The equipment list is limited to:

A dumbbell
A barbell and plates
A plyo box
A jump rope
A pull-up location

As there is no chance of me being in the top 10%, I do not have to worry about the quarterfinal workouts.  Although it might be fun to do those at home as well.

The workouts will be announced March 11, 18 and 5th and I am planning on doing them Friday with a make-up plan for Saturday or Sunday if required.

There is usually no shortage of warm-up and strategy videos.  I will capture my workouts with my phone and will likely have one of my daughters helping me keep score.

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