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Tuesday, February 9, 2021

Rogue Mass Storage System on Facebook Marketplace


I finally came across a Mass Storage System on Facebook Marketplace.  Dan Powell in Englewood is offering this 43" tall x 70" wide system for $500.  Retail is $436.06 (with Kettlebell Tray) and $115.75 for shipping and $23.47 for tax, the magic number is $572.28.  $500 represents 87% of delivered price and 115% of retail.

If it was my perfect configuration, I might grab it for 100% of retail.

I would like a 75" tall x 43" wide, but am also debating a 43" tall x 43" wide.  The smaller one would make more sense in my current space.  The larger one would make more sense in a larger gym.  I cannot imagine ever getting a 70" wide system.

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