Wednesday, May 27, 2020


I got my blood work back from 05.26.2020 and things were not looking good.  

My Total Cholesterol is up to 253, from 198 last year.  In fact, I this is the highest it has been since I started keeping track in 2008.

My Triglycerides are up to 303, up from 179 last year.  I nearly broke the record of 308 set in 2008.

Finally my A1C continues to climb from 5.8% in 2018, to 6.0% in 2019, to 6.1% in 2020.  If I do not get off of this train, I will cross from pre-diabetic (5.7% to 6.5%) to diabetic (6.5% or higher).

Given my family history of heart disease and diabetes, I am truly at an inflection point.  

Today was my first day of eating healthier.  I had breakfast, an apple for snack and dinner and have avoiding sugary snacks between meals.  Typically, I would have Clif bars, granola bars, Larabars, chips and pretzels throughout the day.  In the near term, I want to eliminate sugar (except for fruit) and snacking between meals.  To monitor my progress, I will track my weight which was 197.5# on 05.26.2020.

The next step will be tracking macros in my fitness pal.

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