Wednesday, May 20, 2020


Equipment Purchase Plan

As equipment becomes available at reasonable prices.  Part of me still thinks that I should wait until Black Friday sales for everything.

I want a Matt Chan Bar and am willing to pay the $395 and $60 shipping as well.  I might add a plate set to avoid shipping costs.  I could get the 160# HG 2.0 set for $295.  Alternatively, I am considering the Rep Fitness Excalibur bar for $299.

I will get the Rogue Home Gym Timer.  This is $150 and ships for free.

I will get the Rep Fitness Hex Dumbbells (2) 35# for $83 and (2) 50# for $119 plus tax.

The jury is out on the Titan Fitness Silencer pads.  I do not see these being used that often.  I do not do that much Olympic lifting.

I have not decided on a piece of cardio either.  A Concept 2 ski erg is compact and would supplement globo gyms or Crossfit gyms well.  An echo bike is probably all around the most useful piece.  A Concept 2 rower is what I am most familiar with and most flippable.

I will buy weight from Rep Fitness as I need/want it.  I have enough weight for everything except deadlifts and I could just grab a pair of iron 45# for $98 and be all set.  Alternatively, as room on the bar is a non-issue I could grab a pair of competition bumpers for $215.

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