Monday, May 11, 2020


Monday, May 11, 2020

Home Gym


Warm Up

High Knees
Down Dog / Cobra
Air Squat
Hamstring Sweep
Hip - Hammy
Wrist Mobility

3 round of
5 Prone press
4 Sprinter steps each leg
3 Deadlift jumps
2 Drop squat
1 Turkish get-up each arm


5 rounds of
12 Deadlift
8 Hand Power Clean
6 Shoulder to Overhead


I finished in 10:03, the last couple of times I did DT, I used 95# and finished in the neighborhood of 18-20 minutes.  My goal this time was cycling the bar.  I did the first round without setting the bar down and then set the bar down between movements.  It was a good effort and a better metcon for me.  Not sure that I will ever do it Rx at 155#.


9 minute EMOM (3 sets)
Windmill - 10 reps in about 35 seconds
Heel Tap - 20 reps in about 25 seconds
Side plank hold - 25 seconds each side with 5 second transitions


I still like the Comptrain programming, not sure why I opted for CFG programming today

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