Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Old School Exercises

Zercher Squats - Cradle barbell

Bradford Press - Barbell over head and back, focus on moving the shoulder joint

Otis Ups - Anchor feet, crunch weight up to vertical torso

Drag Curls - Supinated grip, drag barbell / EZ curl bar up torso

Scott Press - Named after Larry Scott, the first Mr. Olympia, start with dumbbells in front with arms at 90 degrees, move behind head, focus on scapular retraction and elevation

Vacuums - Train transverse abdominals by drawing belly button to spine (looks like you are sucking your gut in)

Floor Press - Lay on floor and bench press

Pull Overs - Lay with back crosswise on flat bench.  Lower barbell behind head towards floor and pull over chest.

Based on kind of cool video from Buff Dudes on Youtube.  I will certainly add some of the shoulder stuff in warm up and probably the pull overs to improve mobility.

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