Tuesday, June 4, 2024

Row House

Tuesday, June 4, 2024

Row House - Ken Caryl


Signature Class

I arrived about 15 minutes early and got checked in with Cassie and introduced to Samantha.  There was one other new person in the class of 10 athletes.

Prior to the start I was given some coaching cues.  Feet should be lower in the blocks at the 3 pegs.  Do not engage body until the handle is past my knees.  Hold the handles wider.  Keep the elbows higher.  Keep my toes engaged on the platform (this was the most difficult).  Finally, the damper setting is recommended between 3 and 5 (I set to 3.5).

During the workout we rowed as one boat with all of us maintaining the same strokes per minute and initiating the stroke at the same time.  We had 3 paces including paddle, push and power.  Paddle was supposed to be a 60% RPE cruising pace, push was around 75% (0:20/500 faster) and power was 85%+ (another 0:20/500 faster).  For me that looked like 2:50, 2:30, 2:10.  All of this while remaining in synch so it is really power driven by the legs.

We started with pick drills and then went into paddle pace.  After some paddle pace, we stepped up into interval efforts and push and power.  Then we did body weight movements with arm circles and trunk twists for about 5 minutes.  Back on the rower we did sprint efforts without staying in synch, but collectively as a class trying to hit x:xx/500 targets.  The next 5 minute block of movements were with medium dumbbells (I appropriately selected 8 lbs; they had them from 3 to 20 lbs.  We did lateral raises, front raises, rear delt raises and after two rounds of those finished with reverse lunge twists.  Our last round on the rower included distance efforts for 1  minute, 1 minute and 2 minutes.  Then we finished with the reverse pick drill.

The class wrapped up in 45 minutes.  It was very engaging and fun.  The music was good and the room goes dark for the sprint intervals.  Glancing at some of the other rowers screens, I have a lot of room for improvement rowing.  She passed out wet wipes to wipe down the rowers which looked brand new despite mine having 13M meters on it.

I would go back again, but it seems pricey.  Not more expensive than any other boutique gym whether that be CrossFit, Yoga or Orange Theory.

$89/month for 4 classes
$149/month for 8 classes
$179/month for unlimited classes

Cassie offered me a buy 1 get 2 free deal which would be 3 classes for $29.

After class they sent me an e-mail with some data.  Apparently, I rowed 5860 meters in class, average split was 2:54 and best split was 1:58.

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