Friday, June 7, 2024

810 yard OWS

Thursday, June 6, 2024

Bear Creek Lake Park


Open Water Swim

270 yards out and back
135 out
135 back
135 out
135 back
810 yards total (~25 min)

I spent an hour trying to find my OWS goggles and eventually settled for pool goggles.  As Coral Sea was unseasonably warm, I took a chance at Soda Lake with just my Vortex3.  I was comfortably, but my left ear was getting angry about the cold water.  I should have thrown in ear plugs.

Out and back felt pretty good so I recovered for a minute and took off again.  This was a little tougher and I decided to do lengths of 135 yards just to get some yardage in.

After going through all of my swim totes, triathlon totes, looking through bags and boxes in the basement, closets and even the garage, I finally found my OWS gear hanging on a hook behind my disc golf stuff.  Beyond frustrating.  Even worse, I dropped $40 on new Zoggs Predators.  Fortunately, I went with titanium instead of polarized and they might be better in certain light conditions.

This is the earliest I have got out in the past few years.  2023 opener was June 15.  2022 opener was June 18.  But the water was definitely warmer.  In years past, I definitely needed gloves and booties.

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