Wednesday, June 5, 2024

Odd Pick-up

I am a sucker for unique, vintage and occasionally homemade equipment and physical culture items. 

Rick had listed the bench a few weeks ago for $50 on Craigslist.  He has developed spinal stenosis and can no longer use it.  I confirmed that it was homemade about 30 years ago based on a design him and his training buddy saw.  They made four of them for different people.  It is stable and has a remarkably small foot print for what it does.  He took $40 for it.

When I casually asked if he was selling anything else, he pointed out this wacky rotating massager.  I propped my calf up on it and was immediately impressed.  It felt like Swedish body work.  When I asked what he was looking to get, he said he was not sure, but paid $225 for it (most of that was shipping).  I offered him $60 and am excited to incorporate it into my recovery.

Arriving home, I researched Vita Master and the brand is still trademarked.  They made fitness equipment starting in the 1930s including the crazy Boss Hogg belly vibrating deal, stationary bike, steam machines where your head sticks out.  The massagers trade hands on secondary markets for between $50 and $100.

I current iteration of the concept is being offered by Roller Original for $5,849. The Vita Master version only has one speed, but is a rock solid very simple design.  It would work well to help clear a forearm pump also.

Rick was an interesting guy who worked for the phone company designing high speed self healing circuits.  He trained with his special forces friend and also had stonemason and carpentry skills.  They are selling their place and moving to Florida.

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