Friday, June 7, 2024

The 2024 swim/bike/run gear I use list

I last put a list like this together in 2012 and a few things have changed.  After active racing through 2015, I took a hiatus until 2012.  New items highlighted.

The biggest changes have been retiring the power meter and adding the Garmin Fenix 6.  All on the technology side.  I tried some different goggles, but nothing earth shattering.  I got a great deal on a Cervelo P2, but have not raced it.  Just a few training rides.

Nearly all of my gear is holding up well and aside from me being a little heavier, there was no need for replacements.  I did the Littlefoot sprint distance triathlon in 2022 and 2023 and have registered for this year.  Late season racing is always a little exciting given the unpredictability of the weather.


Swimsuit:  Speedo Square Leg Drag suit (no change still have green and red pairs).

Goggles:  Tyr Nest Pro Performance.  Got these in 2022 and they are fine.  I hate that my pool goggles always fog up.  I still have the Sable goggles as my primary backup.  For open water, I switched to Zoggs Predator Polarized.  Love these.  I still have the Aquasphere Kaiman as a back up pair.  I ordered the Zoggs Predator Titanium and will give those a try this season.

Swim Cap:  Race caps from events

Swim Watch:  I retired the swimsense and now use my Garmin Fenix 6.  It records well for pool and open water swmming.

Drills:  Finis Pull Buoy, Finis Agility Paddles, Tyr Crossblade.  No change.  I never use these

Open Water:  Westsuit - Xterra Vivid Sleeveless.  New in 2022 as my old wetsuit was too tight.  Blue Seventy Swim Socks and Gloves.  Tyr Warm Wear Cap.  Body Glide.  Tyr was ear plugs  (No change to accessories)

Swim Bag:  I still have the same Speedo Backpack


The bike:  I still race the Gios Compact Pro.  I bought a Cervelo P2 ($600) on the secondary market, but I am not really fast enough for it.

Power Meter:  I removed this and do not train with power.

Race Wheels:  Still NA, I am 35 pounds over my "race weight" of 170 pounds.

Regular Helmet:  Giro Aeon

Aero Helmet:  Giro Air Attack (free with Cervelo P2)

Bike Clothing:  No change, I bought some CDOT logo'd gear from Pactimo and a Liberty logo'd jersey.

Bike Case:  Still NA

Bike Trainer:  TravelTrac 2000 still going strong.

Bike Computer:  Still using Cateye Strada Wireless, but not wrist is Garmin Fenix 6.


Running Shoes:  Saucony Guide 13 is the latest iteration.  I still have the Saucony Fastwitch 5 race flats, but rarely wear them not that I am over 200 pounds.  I have an older pair of Saucony Guide with the racing stretchy shoelaces.

Running Shorts:  UA (wearing for about 5-6 years now)

Running Socks:  UA phenom crew (wearing for about 5-6 years now)

Running Watch:  Garmin Fenix 6

Long Run Hydration:  Still have the Nathan and Fuel Belt, but rarely use

Cold Weather:  Still have Saucony, but added GoLite top; Still have Under Armour pants, but added GoLite pants as well.  Running Gloves, still use jersey gloves, but also added fleece mittens (convertible to fingerless).


Rudy Duffle Bag - Great bag, keeps me organized

Rocky Mounts car roof rack - Great for getting my bike to races

I still always race with a visor and Oakley sunglasses.  I wear gloves on the bike.  With sketchy weather, I have thrown on a rain jacket and added toe covers.  

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