Monday, June 3, 2024

Jujimufu at Big House "Joe Kenn" Power

Joe Kenn coaches athletes and his two single bay garage gyms are a testament to that.

In his first bay he has a power rack, variety of barbells, dumbbells (including roundheads and globes), kettlebells and center of mass bells.  He also has strongman logs, bamboo poles for oscillating kinetic energy and a lat pull down / low row.  Finally there is a mess of bands, chains and cable attachments on the walls.

In the second by is lower body machines featuring a Kell standing leg curl, GHD, Reverse Hyper, leg curl, leg extension, assisted Nordic curl and a pendulum squat.  Another highlight is a massive pair of 100 pound chains.

In addition to coaching athletes, Joe Kenn is also getting into grip sport and has a variety of grip implements scattered throughout the gym.

One word of advice is getting to know a local fabricator.  Custom equipment is an expensive joy, but certainly fun to get exactly what you want.

Joe piecemealed his gym over the decades by purchasing equipment from other gyms, new from Dynamic Fitness & Strength, receiving equipment in exchange for coaching services and finally secondary markets like Facebook Marketplace.

The athletes he has supported in addition to his own career are reflected in the decor which is a testament to his knowledge and methodology.

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