Tuesday, March 19, 2024

February 2024 - Month in Review

The Numbers

(6) powerlifting sessions
(6) general conditioning
(1) grip
(6) runs for 9.88 miles
(0) swim
(0) bike

The Gym

Hampton Dumbbell Stand
Center of Mass Bells (Sorinex)
Shoulder Bands 3#
Pitt Panther Dumbbells (12.5 & 17.5)
ROC-MO 35# Olympic Plates


Ironmind Little Big Horn
FBBC 4" Crusher
Titan's Telegraph Key

Overall it was a rough month of training.  I tweaked my back on February 15th and grinded through for about a week including a Chiropractic session on February 19th.  Following that I caught a chest cold that sidelined me for another 5 days.

I competed in the USAWA 2024 Grip Challenge in Abilene, KS.  I also did a virtual 4 Hand Flask Challenge.  Next month will be the CrossFit Open.

My weight was up bouncing between 200 and 203 pounds.

Most of the gym purchases were happenstance finding free, cheap or vintage deals that I don't need, but certainly wanted.  The only needed item were the 3# Crossover Symmetry shoulder bands for the kids to warm up with.

Grip was happenstance as well.  I got the listed implements for $20 which is a screaming deal.

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