Tuesday, March 12, 2024


As grip is still a relatively new sport, lifts are not contested frequently in sanctioned events that can set world records.  With my participation at Rolling Hills Grip Challenge 2, I ended up showing up on the leaderboards on Gripsport.org

Saxon Bar 3 x 4 - outside top 100, my 52.62 kg lift did not beat 64.53 kg in 100th place
Napalm Nightmare 2.375" - outside top 100, my 104.73kg lift did not beat 126.33 kg in 100th place
Inch Pinch - 66th worldwide at 21.95 kg
Grandfather Clock - 15th worldwide at 77.38 kg

Saxon Bar 3 x 4 - 20th among 93 kg men (last place)
Napalm Nightmare 2.375" - 23rd among 93 kg men (out of 25)

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