Monday, March 25, 2024

Highland Games - All-Round

Saturday, March 24, 2024



Highland Games

With the nice weather, I decided to try a new throwing spot.  Part of my motivation was finding a place where I could literally park my car and start throwing.  I had thrown at the high school in a field and had considered throwing in the shot put pit, but a parking lot and field felt like a better location.

I started with Braemar and Open stone.  It was a good way to get going, but I should have watched more of Matt Vincent's drills before getting underway.

Future Notes:
  • Braemar - easy throws, knee bend throws, full throws, full throws letting right food swing around
  • Open Stone - shuffle up and then use Braemar technique
  • Light weight for Distance - think about footwork, weight does not pull you around as much as heavy
  • Heavy weight for Distance - start with Braemar and then introduce a one turn
  • Light Hammer - have to bring sticky, the hammer felt like it was going to slip right out of my hands
  • Weigh for Height - this actually felt pretty good, would like to work on this more.  easy to work on nearly anywhere
  • Sheaf Toss - did this at home, start with throws from ground, before doing a check mark shaped swing

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