Friday, March 1, 2024

Barbell Clamps

I came across a couple of new barbell clamp designs that I wanted to note for posterity.

First up is the Mackey Innovations.  The intent is that the plates absolutely do not move.  It is certainly engineered with that in mind and has an exact weight of 1.0 pound.  They seem like a bit of a production to use and are pricey at $149 a pair, but you cannot argue with the design intent being met.  I first heard Joe Mackey talk about the product on an interview with EliteFTS.  I was reminded of the product when I was on the Weight It Out website.  They are a distributor.  They also sell a Mack Lite and have a Mack Kilo in development.

Second up is the Husker Power Lock.  The intent here is a durable design that is easy to use.  Apparently you slide them on and twist and their durability has been validated in high school weight rooms.  I came across these on the Sorinex website and then tracked down the actual company in Nebraska.  The $49 price point is pretty reasonable if I want to give them a try.  They have been around since the 1980s and have nothing but positive reviews.

I have to give a mention to steel spring clamps (Harbor Freight, $2-$3).  We used these at the 2024 Grip Championships for the Pinch Grip - Strict and the Rim Lift and they worked perfectly.  These are single rep, low velocity lifts.  They are also contested on a PVC pipe and 1.9 inch bar respectively.

Interestingly, all of these collars are suitable for 1.9" and 2" sleeves.

UPDATE 4/26/2024:

Titan just came out with some twist collars that seem really well done.  They are $70 and weigh 0.75 pounds each.  I do not quite understand how it works and would like to see some reviews.

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