Monday, March 18, 2024

Colorado Spring Fling

I finally had a chance to host a USAWA sanctioned All-Round Weightlifting event at the house.  I picked the clean & press and the deadlift, 12" base as these would both be from the floor, not require any special equipment and would go fast.  I opted to offer a record session afterwards.

The original cast included Dave, Tony, Jarod, Kim, Nisha and myself.  Kim dropped, but Nic came out.  I invited Aziz, but he was not available.  I could not really think of other folks to reach out to.

I set up the garage, by moving a car out and setting up a seating area.

The meet lifts went very smoothly and we finished within 90 minutes.

The records session was tougher.  We started with Turkish Get-up on a loadable dumbbell and then did some Jefferson Lift, Fingers; Pullover & Press; Cleans; Dumbbell Deadlift, Fulton Dumbbell Deadlift.  Then we retreated to the basement for Bench Press Reverse Grip and Bench Press Alternate Grip.  These took just under 2 hours.

Finally, we wrapped up by completing the Q1 Postal in a little over a half hour.

This was a lot of lifting and recording of scores.  I definitely need to be more organized in the future.
  • Dave, Tony, Nisha and myself did the competition lifts (4)
  • Dave, Tony, Jarod, Nic and myself did the records session (5)
  • Jarod and myself did the Q1 postal (2)
  • Clint, Ashley, Patrick and Randy submitted record session lifts remotely (4)
  • RJ, Crystal, and Phoenix submitted competition lifts and record session lifts remotely (3)
  • Randy submitted competition lifts remotely (1)
It was nice to be able to offer a low key event.  Folks did not have to pre-announce their record attempts.  We started on time and only had one late comer.  I think the maximum, I can manage in the garage is six athletes and spectators.  For a larger event, I would probably ask my wife to keep score.  In a perfect world, I would add a monitor so athletes can see live scoring.

It would have also been nice to make more space by moving more of my strongman equipment out of the way.  It got a little tenuous when folks were attempting the Turkish Get-up.  I am glad that I did not invest in any heavy lift equipment.  If things take off, I will leverage Kim's stuff before investing in my own.

We wrapped up in four hours.  The primary goal of getting Jarod a couple of practical training sessions was met.  The secondary goal of getting USAWA going in Colorado was a reasonable first attempt.

Dave - 2 competition records + 5 records session = 7 records
Nisha - 2 competition records
Tony - 1 competition record + 5 records session = 6 records
Sanjiv - 2 competition records + 5 records session + 2 Q1 Postal = 9 records
Jarod - 4 records session
Nic - 1 records session
Clint, Randy, Patrick, Ashley - 19 records session remote
RJ, Crystal, Phoenix, Randy - no official present, not eligible for records

In the future:
  • Weigh-in starts 1 hour before meet and cuts off 30 minutes before meet
  • Have membership applications and waivers on hand
  • Have scoresheets for each competition lift and each lifter for records session
  • Consider second session if there are over 6 entries
  • Request openers and make sure everybody has time to warm up
  • Estimate 45 minutes per Competition Lift and 45 minutes per Records Session athlete
  • Set up a table for folks to put there stuff and have snacks and drinks set up
  • Order medals with meet name in advance

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