Sunday, March 31, 2024

Deka.Mile Repeat

After my Deka.Mile event last year, I was anxious to train with more intent and give it another go.  

Chelsie was my judge and did a great job.

I thought I paced it really well, but my time was significantly slower.

  • Zone 1 - 30 Ram Alt Reverse Lunge (55#) - Unbroken, nice steady pace
  • Zone 2 - 500m Row - Averaged 2:35 pace
  • Zone 3 - 20 Box Jump/Step Over (24") - Nice quick step overs without much pause
  • Zone 4 - 25 med ball sit-up (20#) - Flew through these and really surprised myself
  • Zone 5 - 500m ski erg - Averaged 2:40ish pace
  • Zone 6 - 100m Farmer's Carry (2x60#) - This was tougher than I remember.  I went 50 meters, 30 meters then 20 meters with quick shake outs.
  • Zone 7 - 25 cal air bike - This was fine.  It is kind of impossible to set up the bike with shared lanes.  There were a couple of ghost calories on the bike, but not a big deal.
  • Zone 8 - 20 dead ball shoulder over (60#) - This lit me up again.  I kept moving smooth but started taking longer pauses.  Had to walk the run after this effort.
  • Zone 9 - 100m Tank Push/Pull - I felt like I did well on this, but maybe I was not going as fast as I thought
  • Zone 10 - 20 Ram Burpees (44#) - This was brutal again.  I did 8 pretty quick with jump back and step up, then it became step back, take a knee on the way up and then stand it overhead.
My time of 36:08 was slower than my 33:42 effort in November of 2023 despite feeling like I was moving better, pacing better, not having any calf or other issues.

Maybe it was just being 6 pounds heavier or not fueling well prior to the event.  My stomach was a bit upset and I popped two Imodium instead of my typical one prior to races.  

Either way, I enjoyed myself and have another good benchmark.

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