Monday, April 1, 2024

Ironmind Vulcan Squat Stand

Chris Ruspa listed this a couple of days ago on Facebook Marketplace for $400 and then dropped the price to $350.  It would certainly be a nice addition to the garage and I would use it primarily for squats and presses.

Retail the squat stand is $589 and the bench is $305 so the listing price is a reasonable value for items that do not hit the market very often.  When Rogue Fitness hits the market it is usually 70-80% of retail which seems way to expensive for me.

The big issue is that I just do not need these.  I especially do not need the bench which I could sell for around $80.  That still leaves me with the squat stand at $270 or just under 50% of retail, not including tax or shipping.

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