Thursday, April 11, 2024

GripBoard Selling

mfin77 had a tremendous boatload of stuff that sold quickly

pick up is in Alpharetta, ga or I can ship. If you see something you like, give me an offer. If you see something in the picture that I did not put on here I may have missed it, but it is for sale. I forgot some names to devices, I apologize for that

 Bending $100 for whole package shipped 
  • ironmind nails roughly 
  • 45blue nails
  • 50 yellow 
  • 50green 
  • plus assorted other stock like bolts. 
  • coc gripper 7 $20
  • t3,4,5 $50 for all three 
  • ghp4 $20
  • ghp5 $20
Grip Implements
  • barrel strength systems tip tester $50
  • barrel strength systems 2nd generation blob implement. $50
  • bss tombstone $65 with loading pin 
  • ironmind neck strap $35
  • strongergrip 2inch leverage $35
  • old rt handle  doesn’t spin well, $30
  • rogue grip balls pair $30 
  • orange fat grips $20
  • pink fat grips $20
Items that can’t be shipped 
  • fbbc 2inch pipe, forgot the actual name $50 
  • sorinex 6foot 3 by 4 Saxon bar  $100
I could ship these
  • also have half of 95 USA blob York side $110
  • half of 80 York side $100
  • half of 85 York side slick, much harder than my 40   $100
  • half of 90 hex that has been painted $65

I was not interested in the bending stuff, but that seems like a screaming deal.  

The grippers were purchased by Canon Power Works above asking price and will likely be redistributed at fair market prices (they are too stiff for me.).

The grip implements were interesting.  Selling at roughly 50% of retail.  I was interested in the tip tester and blob implement which had sold.  I may still be able to purchase the Rolling Thunder Handle that does not spin well.  It is being offered for $30 (25% of $120 retail).

The Sorinex 3x4 Saxon Bar is listed as 6 foot which does not seem right.  The length of the Saxon Bar should be 89 inches.  Maybe if you take off the 2x14 inch sleeves, you get to 61 inches which is only 5 feet.  Not sure.  Either way, I would be interested in purchasing for $100 and up to $65 shipping.  Past that, I am really better off buying direct from Sorinex.

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