Monday, April 29, 2024

Concept2 Bike Erg

Another Concept2 Bike Erg for sale.  This one by Todd Lander in Aurora for $800 and it cam with an extra seat post with wide comfort seat.  I contacted the seller within 21 minutes of listing and in the intervening 15 minutes of text messages the bike sold.  It is definitely another good data point for the market in Denver.  This one came with an extra seat post and wide comfort saddle ($80 value?).

These retail for $1100 new.  Shipping is another $60 and tax is another $60.  $1,220 is steep but not outside the realm of reality and they hold their value well.  Typical sell price is $950.  Matt Chan sold one a few months back for $600 and now this one for $800.

I will likely keep my eyes open in the secondary marketplace, but I am not in a rush.  I am not willing to pay $900 used.  At that point, I would rather buy new.

UPDATE 5/3/2024 - Jon Colburn listed one in Littleton with 15 hours on it for $975 which is on par for a fair asking prices.  I spotted the ad within 2 hours of listing, but will hold off and maybe offer $900.

UPDATE: 5/7/2024 - I reached out to the seller and offered $900.  He said he had another buyer picking up Sunday for $940 which I decided to match.  I confirmed that he has the screwdriver and the the picture shows the phone holder.  He did not have the manuals which often means he is the second owner.  I am a little concerned about the seat height if my wife wants to use it as she is on the shorter side, but there is an optional short saddle available.

* SHORT SADDLE OPTION IS A MUST HAVE:  I am going to pass and will end up buying a bike erg new with the short saddle option, water bottle cage and toe clips.  After talking to customer service the short saddle option is $170 plus shipping.  Buying new the short saddle option can be sent at the $1100 price plus I get a warranty.

$940 + $170 + $30 (shipping) + $10 (tax) = $1150.  At that point, it would make sense to buy new for $1220 have warranty and delivered right to my door.  Cage/Clips another $10 and banner another $30.

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