Thursday, April 11, 2024

Heavy Bar Lifts

Kim was kind enough to lend me her heavy lift bar, hand & thigh bar, neck harness and hip belt to work on some All-Round Lifting.


Neck Lift - 

I started with the neck lift.  The heavy lift bar was easy enough to load and I managed 80 pounds.  The neck harness was an off the shelf Harbinger model that was more than sufficient for the loads I was moving.  The 430 pound record for 50 year old 90kg would probably need some beefier chain.  The Harbinger model was 2 inches wide.  0.150 inches thick with an overlapping layer and 32 inches long.  If I were to fabricate, I would stick with the 2" width and 0.150 inch thickness but opt for a length approaching 6 feet.

Hip Lift - 

The hip lift was certainly more challenging.  Specifically in terms of getting the weight balanced on the bar.  I assume my plates do not weigh the same amount because I needed to put a 2.5 pound plate on one side for a clean lift.  The hip belt was constructed from fire hose and was 31 inches between the D-rings.  This was a little small for me and dug into my thighs.  Adding the length of two 3 inch D rings and 31 inches of chain allowed me to get a clean lift at 442.5 pounds.  I would definitely shoot for leather with around 52 inches of length to the D-rings.  My chain length would be minimal.  The record for 50 year old 95kg men is 1500 pounds.

Hand and Thigh Lift - 

While I had the bar loaded, I gave this a whirl and was able to again lift 442.5 pounds.  The hand and thigh bar was the most comfortable, but I really feel like I just deadlifted it.  My chain connection was about 18 inches.  The record for 50 year old 95 kg men is 1105 pounds.

Deanna Lift - 

This is the last lift I tried and the most comfortable.  I was able to lift 300 pounds without much issue, but struggled with 350 pounds.  The 50 year old 95kg men's record is open, but the all time is 600 pounds set by Joe Garcia in the 55 year old age class.  The chain length was around 28 inches plus a 3 inch carabiner.


Although I have the equipment to try a Carter Lift and a Phumchaona Lift, I will probably hold off until I get a proper hip belt.  I do not have the appropriate items for a Harness Lift.

I think a Titan Support Systems Dip Belt would be more than sufficient to meet my needs.  I just need call and verify how long it is.

I also learned that I really do not like the heavy lifts.  Loading and unloading the bar sucks and I now appreciate why Al has a dedicated bar preloaded with a fair amount of weight.

If I do get a proper hip belt, I will certainly feel comfortable borrowing Kim's heavy lift bar to set up the Carter Lift and the Phumchaona Lift.  I will not pursue setting any records on the neck lift, but am glad I gave it a try.  I do not see any value in me personally owning a heavy lift bar or hand & thigh bar except that it is currently being produced by Arm Assassin for who knows how long.

In terms of chain, I would like to go with 5/16" chain and slip hook.  It is much easier to adjust than carabiners.  3 feet of chain will be more than sufficient, plus grab hook and some quick links will be sufficient to get me going.  Harbor Freight only carries 3/8" or 1/4" grab hooks, so I may end up with 3/8".  The only material I still need to source are the 4 inch D-rings.  These are not expensive at $4.25 each, but I will pay $9 for shipping so might as well see if I can get a group order going.

Finally, I am now up to 97 of 191 USAWA lifts attempted!

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