Sunday, April 28, 2024

Junior Grippers

After Gillingham High Performance decided to get out of the gripper business, the only company to make junior grippers was out of the game.  Fortunately Cannon Power Works bought the leftover parts for assembly.  These little guys were sold for $24 each or $120 for a set of 5.

Per GHP:  "First of it’s kind Junior grippers for youth, seniors, and hand rehab.  GHP Juniors are a scaled down version of our GHP Heavy Duty Hand Grippers.  These little guys have a smaller diameter handle, narrower handle spacing, and brushed finish to not tear up the hands.  Juniors come in 5 levels of difficulty according to their color."
  • Green: 10-20 pounds CPW 5
  • Red:  20-30 pounds CPW 12
  • Blue:  30-40 pounds CPW 20
  • Black:  40-50 pounds CPW 25
  • Gold:  50-60 pounds CPW 35
I am slowly turning into a gripper guy and want my wife, kids and nephews to be able to join in the fun.  Right now, neither my wife or 15 year old can close a 28# COC Guide so these will be perfect for warm-up and testing. has posted numbers along the lines of:
  • GHPJ 1 - 9 pounds
  • GHPJ 2 - 12 pounds
  • GHPJ 3 - 18 pounds
  • GHPJ 4 - 25 pounds
  • GHPJ 5 - 32 pounds
The lighter springs along with smaller diameter and narrower handle spacing will be perfect.  I probably should have spent another $25 to get them rated (update 5/13/2024 - they are selling individuals, but do not rate junior grippers), but I am excited to have them nevertheless.  They will also feature CPW branding to distinguish them from GHP originals.

The $142.95 price was very reasonable as well (20% over original pricing).  I imagine CPW could have thrown a price of $199 out there and they would have still sold.

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