Wednesday, April 17, 2024

USAWA - Nancy

Wednesday, April 17, 2024

Garage Gym



Leg Press - Self Loaded - Epic fail, I do not have the mobility to consider this lift today.  Even if I were to somehow load the bar, I would not be able to press it out to a straight leg position.  Need some more hamstring lengthening work

Deadlift - Stiff Legged - This went better than I expected and I could complete a lift at 135 pounds

Deadlift - One Leg - This was challenging as well.  I was successful at 63 pounds with both the right and left leg.  135 pounds was an abysmal failure.  I dropped to 95 pounds and was successful on my right leg.  I went to 75 pounds and was successful on both legs.

Leg Press - Unsupported - Could not straight legs, even with a measly 35 pounds on the bar.  Hamstring mobility.


I opted to do this with a PVC and it still took me 20:10.  The runs were fine, albeit slow at around 2:45 to 3:00 each and the 15 OHS took around 0:45 to 1:00 to complete.  They were all unbroken, but certainly paused.

35 push-up finisher during Diya's track meet.

I am now up to 104 of 191 lifts attempted and succeeded and 2 attempted but could not complete.  There are still plenty of interesting lifts on my list to try.

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