Tuesday, March 19, 2024

2024 CrossFit Open - Retrospective

Another games season in the books, this marks my 9th season competing from 2016-2024.

24.1 - DB Snatches & Burpees over DB - 134,660th
24.2 - Row, Deadlift & DU - 112,981st
24.3 (s) - Thrusters & Jumping C2B - 140,420th

Overall 135,601/165,736

Among Men 50-54

24.1 - 6633
24.2 - 4894
24.3 - 7828

Overall 6629/9535

Apart from general conditioning, the only thing I would want to work on is pulling movements.  I do not expect to be able to get muscle ups.  I am not sure about C2B.  I certainly want to build towards getting 5 strict pull-ups and have the shoulder health to knock out kipping singles for volume.

The programming was reasonable to create separation in workouts for everybody.  I would like to try quarterfinal workouts or variations.  I expect to see some 1RM efforts and more technical movements.

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