Wednesday, June 1, 2022

More Vintage Plates

Chief Manuelito
Chief Manuelito
Garcia Perla

Chief Manuelito had some more weight plates.  I was able to purchase 270# of York Olympic weights and 160# of mixed Standard weights from him a few months ago.

Recently, he listed some more weights.  I quickly grabbed the 20# of York Olympic plates, but was on the fence regarding the standard plates.  They seem to all be ROC-MO (Rocky Mountain Foundry) branded.

(1) 50# - Asking $40
(6) 15# - Asking $75
(2) 25# - Asking $40 (with Easy Curl bar thrown in)

Standard weight plates sets of the era (1950's-1960's) were sold as sets with plates ranging from 1.25# up to 50# plus a barbell and collars.  Sometimes they included dumbbell handles and collars as well.  The exact mix varied and could have included 35, 25, 20, 15, 12.5, 10, 7.5, 5, and 2.5 lb plates as well.

If I were to build a set, I would have to do a little homework.  On what a full set was and what it came with.  Probably would have to look at old magazines and newspaper on microfiche.  

I would like to start by cleaning them up and then gold accenting the letters.

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