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Thursday, June 23, 2022

DC Blocks

Being offered by Megan Markee in Arvada Colorado.  Set of 8 standard blocks for $325.  Set of 12 on the Rogue Fitness website is $699 with free shipping.  8 Blocks would cost $466 new.  $325 represents 70% of retail.  

These are 19" x 15.5" x 2" thick.  A set of 8 would allow me to pull by elevating the barbell 8 inches.  They are not as universal as a set of jerk blocks, but certainly lighter and easier to store.

They are not super practical for me.  They are a very unique strength building product and owning a set would be bragging rights as much as anything.  They are rarely offered in the secondary market.

UPDATE: 6/24/2022 - I could not help myself and reached out to the seller.  I ended up offering $200 after finding out they were still available.  She is firm on price.  She was willing to come down to $300, but that would not help me much.  

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