Thursday, June 30, 2022

Deadlift - Metcon

Wednesday, June 29, 2022

Home Gym


Warm Up

hip hammy
foam roll

barbell warm up


Five sets of 3 reps @2101.
Build over the five sets.

I used my new Strongarm Sport bar and yes, there is such a thing as too aggressive knurling for working sets.

I worked up from 255-265-275-285-285#, but my tempo broke down on the last two sets.  Which is not entirely unexpected as that represents 87% of my 325# 1RM.


4 rounds on a 2 minute running clock

30 seconds of battle rope
10 deadlifts at 135#
max push-ups in remaining time
rest 2 minutes between rounds

This programming was adapted from CFG for today which called for 250 m row, 10 deadlifts at 225/155 and burpees in remaining time on a 3 minute clock with 2 minutes between rounds.  I have been wanting to incorporate battle ropes and my left calf is still not in the mood for burpees.

I was finishing the deadlifts in about 45 seconds which left about the same amount of time for push-ups.  I managed 18-15-15-15 in the four rounds going 10/5/3 and then 10/5.

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