Friday, June 24, 2022

Vintage Weightlifting Collection

Noam Schwartzenegger posted pictures of his collection with the caption 

"Never second guess buying the plates & weights you want. But please do them justice!!!
Go ahead & buy (or build) that new display rack you’ve been thinking about. It makes all the difference!
Display ✅
Accessibility ✅
Space saver ✅
Organization ✅
-->Absolute game changer!
This post is dedicated to those who have piles of weights on the floor"

As one of those people who have piles of weight on the floor, I am considering the following purchase

This is from Amazon and is listed as the "UBOWAY Compact Dumbell Rack Stand Barbell Rack" and could house my ROC-MO collection - 50-25-15-10 along the random Olympic weights I have.

It is only $120, but I hate to spend more money for a bulky item.

UPDATE:  6/27/2022 - I finally found something that will work.  This was just listed on Craigslist for $35.  16 minutes from work and 18 minutes from the house.  I ended up grabbing this for $30 and it was as advertised.  The pin spacing is too tight to load my 50# or even 25# plates.  It works just fine for 5's, 10's and 15's plus the barbell.  Pete was an interesting guy.

From the Seller:

This fits a standard weight curl bar (not included), or a longer bar is the area allows for it, such as a garage, for overhead press work, even w lighter weight, that press with a squat as one compound exercise. There are pegs welded in to the unit to hold various standard (not Olympic) weight plates. Very sturdy, very stable, and the wheels roll very smoothly. Paint color is gold over grey primer; steel structure so with light sanding it can be finished a different color.

Standard weights (used) available for [$ 1.00 / lb]; please ask if interested and I'll check to see what I have.

**(Weights & weight bar(s) not included)


Width...........= 31"
Total Depth..= 24 1/3"
Height..........= 39"

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