Thursday, June 23, 2022

Deadlift Bar

Being offered by Todd Gugat (Facebook Marketplace) for $100.  "This deadlifting bar retails for almost 400 dollars and is from Canada.. hate to let it go but have to for personal reasons.. bar has been used just a few times and is an excellent addition to anyone with a home gym that’s looking for a high end barbell.. this is specifically used for deadlifting and will allow you to go 40-50 pounds heavier than using a bar at a commercial gym."  He lives in Lakewood.

My concern is that I am attracted to this purchase primarily because it is cheap and close to my house.  In the world of barbells, my interest list includes:

The "Original" Texas Power Bar - $285 ($300 with black zinc shaft)
Rogue C-70 Bar - $290 + $25 shipping + $24 tax
York Barbell Standard 6' Barbell with Spin Lock Collars - $41 + $11 handling

I have never used a deadlift bar and I do not compete in a federation.  I am for better or worse a gym equipment enthusiast and would not mind playing with a deadlift bar.  I bought a $40 axle bar from Rep Fitness a few years ago with the same intention.  This falls into that camp.  Worse case scenario, I am willing to take the full loss or sell it for $75 down the road.

Strongarm is a Canadian brand with a good reputation.  US price is $379 with free shipping.  It is 27mm and has longer sleeves.  The knurling is aggressive.  It was reviewed favorably by Basement Brandon who has reviewed several of their products.

Among deadlift bars, the competition includes:

Rogue Deadlift Bar
Texas Power Bar Deadlift Bar
Kabuki Strength
Okie Bar - Designed by Rickey Dale Crain

UPDATE 6/24/2022 - I contacted the seller who quickly told me that he had an offer for $140 and was I willing to go to $150.  I said that I was and will take a look at it today.  Unfortunately at $150, I would rather go the rest of the way and just get a Texas Power Bar for $300.

UPDATE 6/25/2022 - I ended up going to pick up the bar.  Upon arrival, this dude was yoked and claimed to have a 555# deadlift. I would have given him credit for 600+.  He was kind enough to load the bar to 225 prior to my arrival.  The bar felt good in hand, no rust, smooth sleeves and in very good shape.  He even offered to throw in the clips.  I was considering haggling to $120, but he did have another party interested and a third party contacted him this morning.  It was well worth the $150 and I am looking forward to playing with it.

UPDATE 4/25/2023 - After owning this bar for nearly a year, I have trained with it less than a dozen times.  At the price point I still like it.  The knurling is great for deadlifting.  The finish has held up very well.

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