Friday, June 3, 2022

Nice Little Vintage Score

I came across an Facebook Marketplace listing by Garcia Perla and was initially taken in by the 50# ROC-MO DENVER standard plate and intrigued by a 25# York Olympic Plate.  I had an unmatched 50# and had to drive out to Aurora to take a look.  This 45 minute drive was not wasted.

Upon arriving, the seller had (4) ROC-MO 50#, (4) ROC-MO 25#, (1) York 25# standard, (4) York Milled 25# and (2) York Milled 10#.  The original asking price for the 50# was $30, but they were willing to take $20.  When I arrived, her teenage son met me was calling someone to negotiate.  My offer of $60 for the 50# ROC-MO, (2) 25# ROC-MO and (2) York 10# was quickly accepted.

I was kicking myself for leaving behind the (4) York Milled 25# that I probably could have had for $0.50/lb (especially after paying $1.50/lb plus shipping earlier this year).  However, I really dislike the York 25# plates; they are awkward to handle and even if I could flip them for $1/lb, it hardly seemed worth the effort.

Now I am pretty much committed to making a set of ROC-MO and will have to buy a pair of 15# from Chief.  Getting the pick of the litter, I left behind the other ROC-MO plates rather than assembling items for trade.

The listing was for Pesas de 25 lbs y 50 lbs.  Pesas means dumbbells in Spanish and I will definitely be adding this to my search terms.

I would definitely like to clean these up and paint them black and finish with gold lettering.

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