Thursday, June 30, 2022

Great Deal on a Complete Home Gym

This little gem popped up on Facebook Marketplace (Ramiro Jimenez) for $1000 and everything in the picture is included.  

Rack ($600) - appears to be a Sorinex and is probably worth $1000 on its own.  It is a big piece and would be rough to disassemble.  I would need a couple of guys and a truck.

Maxicam Weight Bench ($250)

Cambered Squat Bar ($150)

Olympic Bar ($100)

Curl Bar ($100)

Ivanko Revolvers ($300) - (4) 45, (4) 25, (4) 5, (2) 2.5 - 255#

Chains ($25)

Misc ($50) - Kettlebell, Ab Dolly, Flooring, Gym Timer, Yoga Blocks

Using conservative secondary market prices, a buyer is looking at $1575 worth of equipment.  A flipper could buy the lot and split it up for that or more.  Personally, it is too big a system for me and the only thing I would want to grab is the Ivanko weights and I have more than enough weights right now.

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