Saturday, June 18, 2022

Bike-Swim-Bike Brick

It has been a while since I have been open water swimming.  Digging back through the archives, I have not been open water swimming since July 25, 2016 when I was at Union Reservoir in Lava shorts.  

Today, I rode my bicycle out to Bear Creek Lake (just under six miles) and donned my Vortex 3 Sleeveless wetsuit which was a lot more snug than I would have liked.  As I have not been swimming in a while, I also brought along my Blue Seventy Thermal Gloves, Swim Socks and Tyr cold weather cap.  I needed all of it.

I swam along the main beach area.  Going across is about 100 yards and I stopped and paused before returning back.  I did this once more and then was informed by the park rangers that the open water swim area is in a different spot.  I made my way over and swam another 50 yards.

I dried off, packed up my gear and headed back out on the bike for the ride home, which was faster than the ride out.

I did not think much about transitions, but was thrilled to be back out on the water.

Returning home, I was greeted by a timely advertisement from Xterra for the Vivid wetsuit for $79.  I ended up purchasing an XL suit (my Vortex 3 is a L) and a swim buoy for visibility.  These are required at Grant Ranch.  All in I was at $79 + $9 + $19 shipping and handling = $107.

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