Thursday, March 4, 2021

Deadlift - Metcon

Thursday, March 4, 2021

Garage Gym


Warm Up

Hip Hammy
Wrist Mobility
Child's Pose
Comptrain Barbell Warm-up
Deadlift - 135, 185#


5 sets of

3-5 reps at 20X1 tempo

3x245 with straps
3x245 with straps
3x245 with straps
3x245 with straps

Between sets I did 4 sets of 3 pull-ups.  I did not feel as solid as last week.  Not sure what was going on.



400 m run
10 deadlift (225/155)

I opted for 155# and was able to get situated and work through the reps in 2 sets of 5.  I finished 2 Rounds + 5 Reps (run + 4 deadlift) in the time cap and finished the 3rd round after time was called.

Programming was from CFG for 3/4/2021.

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