Monday, March 15, 2021

Change Plates

Despite trying my best to avoid buying anymore gym equipment.  I went ahead and responded to a Facebook Marketplace ad from Beck Gast offering the following:

4x45# rogue bumpers - $335/pair
2x25# rogue bumpers - $225/pair
4x10# eleiko change plates - $92/pair
2x5# eleiko change plates - $62/pair
2x2.5# eleiko change plates - $48/pair
2x1.25# eleiko change plates - $28/pair
pair of Rogue OSO magnetic collars - $65

The Rogue bumpers could have been had for $845 for all (6) plates
The Eleiko change plates could have been had for $320 for all the plates
They also had a Rogue Ohio Bar for $285

Everything was being offered for $1400 (individually added up to $1515).

The Eleiko plates are priced at retail.  I am only saving shipping.  Plus they have rarely been in stock.

The Rogue Ohio Bar depends on model, but this is around retail.  Again save on shipping.

The Rogue Black Training Plates are $250 per pair for the 45# and $173 per pair for the 25#.  Tax and shipping to Colorado on HG 2.0 plates of the same weight is $180.  So $854 represents roughly delivered cost and again expensive but fair considering the pound training plates are out of stock.

The collars are exactly retail and included on 3 ships free.  Shipping and handling is pretty cheap at about $10.

However, for me spending $295 for a set of change plates and collars seems outrageous.  If I were patient, I could get a Rep Fitness set of change plates for $150 plus 4.75% tax puts me at $157 so I am paying a $73 premium or nearly 50% premium for Eleiko.  The Rogue change plates are a modest $190 for the set.  I could not get a better deal for OSO Collars.  The only question would be to buy new and to possibly get the $50 pair without magnets.

The top of the list is still the Rogue 3-Tier Mass Storage System - 43" with wheels, change plate horns, 2 bumper/med ball shelves and 1  kettlebell tray.  All for the delivered price of $742.27.

The rest of my dwindling wish list includes:
  • Upgrading the 20kg barbell - I kind of lost interest in this
  • Assault Air Bike - No room for this
  • 20# slam ball - Rarely do slam ball workouts
  • 35# dumbbell pair - I kind of lost interest in this
  • Battle Rope - 1.5" x 50 feet is $90 and also in stock at Rep Fitness
  • Crossover Symmetry - Wait until there is a 25% off sale
  • Westside Scout Hyper - $350 is not horrible, I wonder what shipping would cost
UPDATE 3/16/2021

Measured weights
  • 1.251 (0.08%)
  • 1.258 (0.64%)
  • 2.544 (1.76%)
  • 2.547 (1.88%)
  • 5.064 (1.28%)
  • 5.066 (1.32%)
I was particularly impressed by the consistency with all of the plates within 3 grams of its partner.  I could not weigh the 10# on my food scale.

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