Tuesday, October 6, 2020

Programming - Home Gym


March 16, 2020 - last live workout at CFG

April 30, 2020 - last virtual coached workout through CFG

October 6, 2020 - marks 176 workouts without CFG structure


89 of those were my programming - 70 monostructural activities and 19 WODs
33 were CFG programming
31 were Sharkk Fitness classes
13 were comptrain
8 were from crossfit.com
1 was from vintage crossfit

So over 5 months, I continue to train 6-7 days per week.  I leaned heavily on CFG programming and have very much enjoyed getting back into running.  In fact, I hit a tipping point at which my speeds began to improve.

I have been neglecting Olympic Weightlifting

Powerlifting is going OK.  I would like to SBD more often.

Crossfit Skills have been hit or miss.  I have worked on HSPU, but neglected DU, lunges, pull-ups and T2B

Monostructural I have done well on.  I would like to ride my bike more.

I have been neglecting Strongman training.

Training at Sharkk Fitness was a fun diversion.  I enjoyed learning the mace, kickboxing and Dutch drills.  I could easily see myself getting a heavy bag for my next (hopefully expanded) home gym.


My gym space feels pretty good.  Over the past 6 months, I have added a tire, timer, more plates, rubber coated dumbbells, rower, curl barbell, some flags, a 10# mace, silencer pads and a competition kettlebell.  By far the most important purchase this year was the timer.  I would like to get some storage, but otherwise want for nothing.  If I continue with comptrain programming it would be nice to have an Echo Bike and a GHD, but those are bulky and heavy and would not fit in my current space.  I want to have a banner printed for the gym as well, but am running out of wall space.  It would be nice to have 400 square feet with 15 foot ceilings, but that is wishful thinking.

Most often used:

Bumper plates
Rack w/pull-up bar
Jump Rope
Plyo box(es)
Medicine Ball

Least often used:

Atlas Stones
Axel Bar
Curl Barbell
Silencer Pads


Strengths - Training consistently

Weaknesses - Need more variety and should add in more Olympic Lifting and Strongman

Opportunities - Should really take this time to have technique sessions

Threats - Winter is coming

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