Monday, October 26, 2020

2020 Crossfit Games Stage 2

The 10 fittest men and women were tested October 23-25 in Aromas, CA.  I was impressed with the social distancing and media coverage.  It was certainly a series of tests, that I would not contemplate tangling with.

Day 1

Event 1:

2007 Reload

For Time

1500 meter row
then, 5 rounds of
10 bar muscle-up
7 shoulder to overhead (145/235#)

These guys moved the bar, like I move a 65# barbell

Even 2:

For Time

320 meter hill sprint with a corn sack (30/50#)

This was difficult to gage, but I have a hard enough time on a 20 meter hill unburdened

Event 3:

Crossfit Total

1RM Back Squat
1RM Shoulder Press
1RM Deadlift

I should test this sometime.

Event 4:

For Time

100 yard handstand walk

Event 5:

Ranch Loop

~3 mile run on varying terrain and then turn around and go back.

This twist at the end was bullshit, but the athletes sucked it up.

Day 2

Event 6:


30-20-10 reps for time
KB lunge (yards) (24/32 kg kettlebells)

This might be a fun one to try scaled.

Event 7:

Snatch Speed Triple

Elimination event with bars from 145-185 for ladies and 225-285 for men.  The athletes managed the first two rounds, but nearly all failed reps at the end.

Event 8:

Bike Repeater

10 rounds for time of

440 meter bike sprint
1 legless rope climb

This was a quick event that allowed some athletes to show off their bike handling on the Trek Dual Sport 4.  If you could race down and spin the back wheel around you could dramatically improve your times.

Event 9:

Happy Star

4 Rounds:
200-300 meter hill run
5-7-9-11 reps of
Thruster (increasing weight up to 115 for ladies and 165 for men)

Day 3

Event 10:

Swim 'N' Stuff

4 rounds each for time
Air Bike calories (10/15)
50 m swim
10 GHD sit-ups
10 slam balls (40/60#)

This was interesting as it was scored on cumulative time.  I have no interest in attempting GHD sit-ups and dead ball slams wet.  I did get an interest in buying a 30# slam ball from Rep Fitness.

Event 11:

Sprint Sled Sprint

100 yard sprint
100 yard sled push
100 yard spring

This event created quite a bit of separation.

Event 12:


With a 14#/20# weight vest:

1 mile run
100 HSPU
200 Pistols
300 Pull-ups
1 mile run

I was amazed at how the athletes made short work of this. Considering that I can only occasionally manage a HSPU, cannot do a pistol and could maybe get singles on pull-ups.  Nowhere near that volume.

They were sporting the Rogue Plate Carrier (the $125 version that comes in 3 sizes, S-M-L).  I am not quite sure how they came up with weights.

Overall, I though it was a great series of tests for elite athletes it was across short and long time domains testing power and endurance.  The small field certainly made for quite a bit of jockeying around of the leaderboard.  Aside from bragging rights:

First Place - $300K
Second Place - $115K
Third Place - $75K
Fourth Place - $50K
Fifth Place - $35K - Karie Pierce turned in $40K event at the end, moving from 5th to 3rd.

I did feel bad for Haley Adams with her hands torn to shreds after the volume of pull-ups.  I was also relieved there were no known injuries during the trail runs or on the GHD sit-ups while soaking wet.

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