Thursday, October 15, 2020

5K Row - Pull-ups

Thursday, October 15, 2020

Home Gym


5K row for time

23:29.7  I set out and was able to substantially maintain a 2:20 / 500 m pace.  I was around 24-25 strokes/minute the whole time, slowing down in the middle and picking it up at the end.  This was a good test that I would like to repeat.

4/3/2015 - 24:15.7 (Crossfit Undeniable)
6/1/2016 - 24:08 (Oracle Gym)
11/22/2016 - 22:25.2 (Oracle Gym)


2 strict pull-ups

Warmed up with some kip swings and scap pull-ups.  I was able to complete these without issue.

I bagged on the programming and just wanted to get the blood pumping and some skill work.

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