Tuesday, October 27, 2020

Clean Complex - Metcon

Tuesday, October 27, 2020

Home Gym - 54 degrees


Warm Up

Hip Hammy
Wrist Mobility

HSPU Technique

3 reps to 2 abmat
1 rep to 1 abmat
3 negatives to floor
1 rep to 2 abmat

Clean Complex

Pass throughs and Burgener warm-up

Clean Complex

2 reps with 1 second pause above knee and 1 second pause in receiving position

Built up from 45, 65, 75, 85, 95#.  All of these felt pretty good, but I still want a 25 mm barbell.  I am really enjoying having the full gym footprint available for training.


21-15-9 for time:

Power Clean (75#)
Lateral Burpee over the bar

This was pretty tough.  The prescribed workout called for 135/95#.  I used 75# and went 11/6/4; 5-5-5; and 6-3 on the rep scheme.  The burpees were just a grind and I finished in 12:19.

Programming was from Comptrain for 10.27.2020.

Outside temp was around 30 deg F and inside the garage was a comfortable 54 deg F.  I taped my thumbs as I usually do for Olympic lifting and used my JAWS grips rather than gloves.

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