Saturday, October 31, 2020

HS Track and Cross Country PRs

This is a post I will probably massage a bit, but I wanted to archive my running personal records (PRs).  In 1989, I was in my senior year at Germantown High School running both Cross Country and Track.

1988 was fall Cross Country season and my best 3 mile effort was 18:05.  While not competitive among my fellows, it is still a remarkable achievement to me.  At 17 years of age and at 140 lb, I was pretty fast.

1989 was spring Track Season.  I typically ran the mile, 2 mile and 2 mile relay.  The event that sticks in my mind is the JV championship event (yes, even as a senior, I was not fast enough to make the varsity team).  I was in the first heat and leading most of the way running a 5:20 mile 1 split and a 5:30 mile 2 split for a 10:50 personal best in the 2 mile.  The 5:20 also happened to be my best recorded 1 mile.

Now as I struggle to run an 8 minute mile or even a 1:45 400 meters, it is difficult to wrap my head around running 70 second 400 meter repeats with a relatively short amount of rest.

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