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Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Deadlift Week 2

Wednesday, September 21, 2016


11:40 AM

Warm Up (15 min)

5:00 min row, 1078 meters, average watts around 127.

Downward dog, upward dog, inchworm (straight legs), side lunge, over the fence forwards and backwards, single leg pivots

Dead Lift (30 min)

Warm Up


5 set of 5 reps at 190# E3OM

This felt pretty good.  I had Nicole check my form and she reinforced stable shoulders, upper thoracic and weight in the heels.  I am still loving the new TR lites.

Jump Rope (15 min)

15 minutes of drills, single unders, double under attempts

Finished with 10 knees to feet.  I tried it with my hands behind my head, but missed.  I still need to work on hip mobility.  This took about 5 minutes.  No cool down.

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